We help companies develop & implement BIM strategies

For construction companies who are in the beginning phases of creating a BIM strategy, we can help speed up the learning process. From developing an overall plan to providing a full team of expert BIM drafters, we’re here for all of your VDC needs.

Gain access to BIM personnel without the huge hiring, training, and software cost of building a BIM program from scratch. All of our drafting and modeling specialists are pre-qualified, knowledgable, and ready to take the lead on you BIM project.

Add BIM to your list of capabilities and be confident that you have the team to execute without any hiccups.

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Our BIM & VDC services:

AutoCAD Drafting

AutoCAD drafting services based on your standards from layers, text styles, templates and layouts, we meet your needs. From Architectural, Civil, MEP and Structural we are providing the services to meet your demand. Make us part of you extend team when it comes to 2D drafting. Most of the contractors I’ve met wish they had an on staff drafter to perform changes on demand.

Paper to CAD

Raster image to Vector or commonly none as Paper to Cad Conversion is done in house with our highly experience team. Most of your archived Architectural plans, schematics, Shop drawings, Electrical layouts, mechanical layouts, as builds and other paper archived drawings can easily be converted to AutoCAD digital files for future use or even modeled in Revit if that is the case

Updating Redlines

Detailing for construction documents from relines and sketches can save item and energy in house to start new projects on time. Our understanding of accurate drafting methods, layering, X-References, dimensioning, model space/paper space, viewports and scaling are our top priority to you clients.

3D Modeling

3D modelers are categorized in several different categories. Architectural, Structural, MEP, and 3D models. Each specialize in different areas of construction technologies and software. Our team uses the latest industry standard Autodesk products.

Architectural drafters Use Revit and Chief Architect to perform these skills for you needs. Revit is more used among Architectural Firms and Engineering Firms. Building models from an AutoCAD file or 3D scans of buildings to Family creations we can provide the files you need.

Structural Modelers use only Revit to create the models you need to coordinate with other disciplines for clash detection and or detailing structural elements.

MEP Modelers are much more intensive due to the amount of coordination with Plumbing, Electrical, and mechanical, as well as, Structural and Architectural by passing. Update models to reflect as-build conditions

3D Modelers provide the 3D objects for some of the customer need of the above modelers and model other unique objects for 3D printing and 3D engineering.